“I Can’t Get Out of Bed” is Will Davenport's debut ep.


It fuses what Will describes as ‘confessional music’ with ‘chaotic minimalism’. The complete album programmatically spans across one evening where Will was unable to sleep. Deeply paranoid and fatigued, Will began to imagine the end of the world. The album provides an account of such an evening, laying bare vast swathes of personal shame, trauma, guilt, fantasy and ecstasy with frank directness. 

Flute - Shahmir Samee

Recorder - Juliet Evans

Oboe - Emma Beach

Oboe - Elen Morgan-Williams

Bassoon - Ruby Truly

Alto Saxophone - Asha Parkinson

Baritone Saxophone - Jemma Love

Horn - Frederike Schroeder-Rossell Trumpet – James Grout-Smith

Piano - Flynn Sturgeon

Bass Guitar - Emily Roberts

Electric Cello + Ocarina - Millicent James


Conductor - Peter Longworth

Engineer – Asher Fynn

Location - The Gresham Centre

"Phones buzzing on piano strings... voices raging against opulent orchestral soundscapes 

...an ocarina... 

Will Davenport’s electro-acoustic album, “I Can’t Get Out of Bed” is a deeply personal and immersive musical journey into that which is unknown but also, somehow, familiar. By turns playful and confessional it is an immensely ambitious work by an exciting new voice." 

- Peter Longworth