• Will Davenport

ESCAPE (An Interactive 360 Event)

ESCAPE is an interactive online event of new music for String Quartet and Electronics, curated by myself.

The music is performed by The Brompton Quartet and features a plethora of new music by Will Davenport, Millicent James, Jamie Unie, Ellie Parker, James Allen, Mathis Saunier and Kit McCarthy.

The Brompton String Quartet is comprised of musicians from the UK, Poland and Slovenia. They were winners of the 2019 St Martin-in-the-Fields Chamber Music Competition and are featured Making Music Artists. Since forming in October 2018, the quartet have received coaching from artists such as Alfred Brendel, Daniel Rowland, Mats Zitterqvist, Heinz Holliger, Rafael Todes, Jon Thorne and the Marmen and Harlem Quartets. They seize every opportunity to learn and develop and look forward to participating in the Wye Valley Summer Residency next year.


Millicent James - Projection

Mathis Saunier - ODYSSEY Y

James Allen - Loving You (Elvis Cover)

Kit McCarthy - Wherever I have Lived

James Allen - True Love (Elvis Cover)

Jamie Unie - Downstream

Ellie Parker - Escape on an Adventure

Will Davenport - i. Bounce, Crash and ii. Shake, Scratch

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