• Will Davenport

Sound Unbound 2019 (Vox Campana)

‘A new song cycle for live voices, bells & electronics’ - Sound Unbound

For the Sound Unbound festival I was commissioned to write two pieces – one for 4 singers, and one for solo singer and live electronics. Both pieces were tailored for four channel amplification for the location of The Gresham Centre, London.

- News Feed (for four voices).

- A Fabricated Tale of the Last Remaining Bell of St Anne & St Agnes. (for Solo voice and four-channel looper).

Both pieces were inspired by the modern concept of ‘Fake News’ and fake history.

To request the graphic scores and MAX MSP Patch for these pieces (a programmable cue-point for News feed, and a multichannel looper forA Fabricated Tale… , Email further information.

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