• Will Davenport

Space and Time, Milton Court Installation 2019

Space and time is an installation piece that was written for the Milton Court foyer space and consists of 16 channels of audio that can be placed in one straight line. This long shape allows audio to be triggered as the listener progresses down the foyer. The piece explores the interplay between ‘genuine’ and ‘fake spatial and temporal manipulations, and their significance within contemporary digital music. The first half of the piece, ‘Space’ dissects a melody for solo Cello throughout the space, whilst the second part – ‘Time’ plays one piece, except at different tempi for each speaker, thus making a spatial canon.

The piece was commissioned as part of the electro-acoustic music conference ‘Getting It Right? New Music/New Technologies’ by Guildhall ResearchWorks, but can in fact be tailored to various locations and scenarios. To learn more about this piece, Email

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